Below are links to various resources from our team, steering committee, and members.

Black muslim women in security studies

Civil Society Voices on the Gendered Dimensions of Violent Extremism and Counter-Terrorism Responses

Women in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

Democratisation on hold in Somalia as first-past-the-post election is postponed

The adaptation of militarized masculinity by violent extremists in the Southern Philippines

Embodied militarism and the process of disengagement from foreign fighter networks

Militarised masculinities beyond methodological nationalism: Charting the multiple masculinities of an Indonesian jihadi

Recognizing the Violent Extremist Ideology of ‘Incels’, Women, in International Security

Navigating State, Religion and Gender: A Case Study of ABAAD’s Gender Activism in Lebanon

Can Religious Women Choose? Holding the tension between complicity and agency

Women who volunteer: a relative autonomy perspective in Al-Shabaab female recruitment in Kenya

Stories of Women being recruited by Women Recruiters in the Coastal Region of Kenya. The African Review