Partnerships and Collaboration

The membership of the network is open to new members throughout the duration of the award. The network includes membership from academia and from a practitioner background and will ensure balanced membership between participants from the global south and the global north. The network has been conceptualised with policy engagement at its core and will ensure that the relevant policy actors are included in and kept updated about the activities of our network. The network strives to attract members from disciplines as diverse as politics, development studies, sociology, psychology, peace studies, migration studies, religion, arts, media and communication, security and religion and faith. Our aim in doing so is to support the development of truly inter-disciplinary collaborative research funding proposals and projects. To grow the membership, experts on gender and/or violent extremism from academia, NGOs and policy will be invited to join the network.

Code of

All members of our network should endeavour to maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, and to behave responsibly and with integrity and honesty. Please read our code of conduct.


To apply for membership,
kindly use the GARVE Membership Form.