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Episode 3: Gender & Responding to Violent Extremism

This forum explored gender and violent extremism from two perspectives. Judith Gardner presented findings for discussion from the study of Somali women and girls experiences of Al Shaabab. David Duriesmith presented on the growth of interest in masculinities and violence extremism drawing on lessons he collaborated with Noor Huda Ismail on disengagement in South East Asia.

Episode 3: Gender & Responding to Violent Extremism

Judith Gardner is an independent researcher with over 20 years development practitioner experience in conflict-affected sub-Saharan African contexts and the Yemen. Her research looks into the relationship between gender, conflict and peace. She has worked on the Somali context since 1989 and since 2016 she has been the consultant Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Advisor for the Somali Stability Fund. To date her published research spans: women and peacebuilding, gendered experiences of transformation and resilience, and male and female experiences of war and its aftermath, women’s roles in conflict and women’s experiences and roles related to ‘violent extremism’

David Duriesmith is a scholar of International Relations. His work explores the role of masculinity, age, class and ethnicity in civil conflict from a pro-feminist perspective. He is currently a lecturer on Gender and Politics at the University of Sheffield.

Noor Huda Ismail joined the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies at the Nanyang Technological University as a Visiting Fellow after completing his PhD at Monash University, Melbourne. In 2008, he established the Institute for International Peace Building in Indonesia, to help the social rehabilitation and re-integration of convicted Indonesian terrorists by employing them upon their release in social enterprises. In 2013, he was elected an Ashoka Fellow by the Washington DC-based Ashoka foundation for being a leading social entrepreneur championing innovative new ideas that transform society. A writer and former journalist who has written several books and commentaries for leading newspapers, Ismail is also a documentary producer whose works include Jihad SelfiePengantin (The Bride), Seeking The Imam and Cubs of the Caliphate.