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Episode 2: Women, Peace & Security and Violent Extremism

Dr. Sahla presented her findings from her research – Strange bedfellows: Women, Peace and Security and Countering Violent Extremism in Kenya. The study examines the impact of linking WPS with countering violent extremism on the ground in Kenya. Dr. Sahla argues that connecting Women Peace and Security agenda with violent extremism has had several damaging consequences for women and their communities.  She finds that this new approach has precipitated the redirection of donor funding away from important gender initiatives and towards countering violent extremism, resulting in women’s additional stigmatisation, insecurity and exclusion.

Episode 2: Women, Peace & Security and Violent Extremism

Dr Sahla Aroussi is a feminist scholar. Her research interests are broadly situated in the field of gender and armed conflicts particularly: the UN’s agenda on Women, Peace and Security; gender in peace settlements; conflict related sexual violence; and gender and violent extremism. Sahla has conducted extensive research in Sub-Saharan Africa and the MENA and her recent publications include a monograph on Women, Peace, and Security: Repositioning Gender in Peace Agreements (2017; Cambridge University Press), articles in international journals, edited collections and research consultancy reports.