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International Conference on Gender and Responding to Violent Extremism

GARVE Network’s inaugural conference aimed to explore how attention to gender in P/CVE research and policies has impacted first on responses to violent extremism and second on the women’s rights agenda and local communities over the last few years.

Listen to the sessions below.

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Day 1

Panel 1: Women As Perpetrators Of Violence

  • Maia Blume
  • Dr. Orly Stern
  • Dr. Hawa Noor
  • Guendalina Simoncini

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Panel 2: CVE, Democracy And Human Rights

  • Hussein Abdullahi
  • Dr.Mehr Latif
  • Rosalie Fransen
  • Edith Okupa

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Roundtable: Gender, CVE And Afghanistan

  • Belquis Ahmadi
  • Dr. Holly A Ritchie
  • Dr. Saeed Parto
  • Dr Iffat Idris

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Day 2

Panel 1: Gender In PCVE Policies

  • Beatrice Nzovu
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mesok
  • Darja Schildknecht
  • Nora Naji

Panel 2: Masculinities And VE

  • Dr. Okumba Miruka
  • Dr. David Duriesmith
  • Dr. Marc Sommers
  • Dr. Emeka T. Njoku

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Roundtable: Race Politics, Power And Ethics In Researching VE

  • Dr.Fatuma Ali
  • Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain
  • Professor Nicola Pratt